Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Broadway Grill: NOT Reccomended

Capital Hill Bar Food
Broadway Grill: NOT Reccomended
314 Broadway E
Seattle, WA

For so long Broadway Grill seemed as a necessity with late night eating on the Hill. This is no longer the case. The restaurant has pissed off many of its long-time customers including myself. Reasons for this include changes on the menu, raised prices, warm beer, and bad d├ęcor among others.

While the drink specials and happy hour prices are still the highlight, they cant save my review. My draft beer has been overly warm on several occasions.

The Food:
The longtime adored Polenta Fries as well as the Jerk Chicken/ Sweet Potatoes are no longer. These being 2 of my favorite items on the menu I was annoyed. The new additions were not only overpriced but portions were quite small (Notably the Mahi Mahi tacos as well as the Burger) Regardless of the reasons for all the change, I feel Broadway must have noticed the negative response. Lets hope they can revive themselves once again and give us a reason to eat/drink something on Broadway besides Dicks Burger and a 40oz.

The Quick Rundown
Food Menu: Lacking Old Favorites. Overpriced. Small Portions
Drink Menu: Good Daily Drink Specials, Great Happy Hour, Warm Beer
Crowd: Mixed Crowd, Gays, Straight, Hipster, Old/Young.
Price: Overpriced (most entrees over $12)
Seating: Booths, Several Large Tables, Many small tables
Service: Decent Service. Slow Bartenders, Friendly Servers
Random Tidbits: Art shows have been Lacking Lately, Open Late


John said...

For sure The Grill has seen a downward trend all around, and its going to take a lot more than a reputation as a hot-spot on Braodway to help it.

Raymond said...


You posted your comment at 12:06 AM. Maybe it has nothing to do with the food or the service but that you were drunk and didn't get what you wanted. Where are your credentials for being a restaurant critic?

Raymond said...
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