Thursday, August 9, 2007

Liberty-The perfect "Seattle Sushi Bar"

Capital Hill Bar Food
Liberty: Highly Reccomended
517 15th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102

Liberty is quite possibly the perfect “Seattle Sushi Bar”. This is a fairly bold statement in a town with so many great options for sushi yet if your up on 15th I think you will agree there is now only one smart option. A place that combines a unique atmosphere, great sushi, free wi-fi, and good drinks. Did i mention great service? Upon entering, atmosphere is the first thing you will notice. The bar isn’t huge so it can fill up quickly but there is a great vibe in that room. The décor offers a nice selection of unique local art as well as comfortable leather couches and classy high top tables. Or if your dining alone, the bar top is just as easy.
After sitting down, the drinks kept me wanting more. If its early enough Stumptown coffee is served (Great Portland roast). If its night-time you have the usual full-bar options as well as some of my favorite beers to choose from. Notably the very fitting Liberty (San Francisco Pale Ale) and a personal summer favorite Hoegarden; also on tap.The real reason we came though was the sushi. Our group destroyed two large plates of amazing sushi. Its hard to recall one stand out of the bunch but I would definitely recommend the spicy tuna (if you can handle it) or the simple yet amazingly fresh salmon sashimi.

Service was top notch. The bar is hip yet still inviting and the servers/sushi chef all fit the vibe of the friendly, welcoming, quieter area of capital hill. The music was definitely a plus as well. We enjoyed the server’s great IPOD Shuffle selection taking the music all over the place without being obnoxious or cheesy. Tuesday night sushi on 15th is becoming a new ritual. Thanks Liberty!

The Quick Rundown:
Food Menu: Great Sushi…Enough Said
Drink Menu: Liberty Pale/Hoegarden On Tap/ Strong Wells
Crowd: Interesting and friendly. Laid back 15th neighborhood dwellers as well as more people coming from the Pike/Pine scene
Price: Average-Spendy for a good Sushi Bar. Happy Hour deals are good however.
Seating: Several comfy Leather Couches, High top tables, Bar top Stools. Not good for large parties over 8
Service: Excellent!! Friendly Servers, Quick and helpful
Random Tidbits: Current Art Show: “Fucking Hands” is definitely worth seeing

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