Thursday, August 9, 2007

Julianos Pizza: Highly RECCOMENDED

Location: 1211 Pine St, Seattle WA

Juliano’s pizza is not a bar however I felt it necessary to include in the Capital Hill Bar Food issue because of its nearby location to most of capital hills nightlife as well as its late night (3am weekend) hours. Juliano himself is a charector and although his Pizzas and Calzones are made to order, the wait time is easy to pass by with the combination of his innuendo/antics, flat screen TV, and impromptu Karaoke Sessions.

The Food:
You really cant go wrong with anything on the menu although I steer towards the Calzones. They arrive hot and glazed with an amazing garlic herb crust Juliano’s offers a wide array of the usual pizza toppings but also offers an extensive vegan menu and some more interesting gourmet cheeses/toppings. Prices are reasonable.

The Quick Rundown
Food Menu: Right on Point. All the Pizza/Calzone choices you could want
Drink Menu: No Alcohol but Soda/Coffee/Water is available
Price: Reasonable. (Slices are small but tasty)
Crowd: All Walks of Capital Hill Life
Seating: Several Small Tables (Not good for large groups)
Service: Juliano will entertain you. Ladies be warned
Random Tidbits: Vegan Slices/ Hilarious Karaoke Sessions


Sense said...

i'm gonna have to disagree because of the pricing. a basic calzone is like $6 then you add some elementary toppings and it ends up being like $10. that ain't right.

Kyle Johnson said...

agree to disagree haha I feel like 10 bucks for a made to order calzone is fair. which is why i said reasonable. not cheap. aint no hot pocket =)

Kayla P. said...

The pricing for a tasty gluten-free pizza is SUPERB. Definitely the best price I've found for gf pizza. Even frozen store-bought gf pizza is about the same price, and isn't nearly as good, by a long shot.

I love Juliano's!

Juliano's Pizza Time said...

My name is Mr. Smith and I came here from Georgia. I own a restaurant in Atlanta and highly recommended Juliano's as a vegan gluten free pizza, I tried the new vegan burgers and my daughter had the new crispy vegan gluten free chips with plenty of basil and cherry tomatoes with some juliano's special oils..

Juliano's Pizza Time said...

Juliano's is the truth
If I were in Juliano's when the bitch who wrote the 54th review was there I would have done more than kick her out. Juliano's is the best in the city, and if you come in with a disrespectful or arrogant attitude combined with a general failure to recognize supreme quality, you're gonna get a slap. If you want Pizza Hut stay home, if you want actual Italian pizza, treat yourself to the best in Seattle at Juliano's Caprini.