Thursday, August 9, 2007

Smith: Highly Reccomended

Capital Hill Bar Food

332 15th Ave E, Seattle WA

Linda Dershangs newest spot on the top of the hill. Smith lives up to the hype on almost all levels. The classy yet comfortable bar features taxidermy, odd portraits, and a large “garage” style front door making it a perfect pub to chill, eat, and drink at. The jukebox had a nice selection of current stuff as well as the classics (Notably: Bill Withers and Michael Jackson)

The drink/food menu is definitely the highlight. Beer selection is on point including a variety of Belgian (St Bernadus) /Mexican Bottles as well as Northwest favorites on tap (Rat City IPA, PBR, Etc…) If your in-desisive you can always count on the $2 tallboy of Rainier. The Well drinks were stiff and worth the average prices. Happy Hour is daily 4-6pm. The Staff was efficient and friendly. Didn’t experience any long waits.

The Food:
I admire Smith for coming up with a very different “Bar Food” Menu while still sticking to the theme of the bar and making each choice as good as they sound. I’m torn as to a favorite between the well-prepared Angus Beef Burger/Fries combo or the Canadian classic Poutine (French Fries and Gravy). Other notable additions include Deviled Eggs, Sweet Potato Fries, Devils on horseback (Blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon) Beet Salad, and more.. Although its obvious Smith is not a first choice for Vegetarian/Vegan Eaters.

The Quick Rundown
Food Menu: Unique and Tasty. Not very Vegetarian Friendly. Poutine/Burger/Sweet Potato Fries were our favs.
Drink Menu: Great Wells. Notable Beers (Including Rat City IPA, St Bernardus Abt 12)
Crowd: Fairly Diverse although quickly becoming known as one of the new Hipster Hangouts.
Price: Slightly Spendy but the food was tasty and the quality beer is always worth it
Seating: Booths, Several long Large Tables, Many small tables
Service: Good Bartenders. Friendly Servers, Quick ID Check
Random Tidbits: Cool Taxidermy D├ęcor, Nice Menu Design

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